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Clinical Healthcare Management Services

Cohesively coordinating healthcare services and Providing quality healthcare assessments for enhanced community healthcare outcomes

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The Philosophy of CHMS

The mission of CHMS is to:

  • Cohesively and collaboratively coordinate patient centered services that offer individuals the ability to make informed choices  that will assist in improving their healthcare outcomes.
  • Provide non-biased assessment services that are state regulated and analytically designed, resulting in quality clinical data regarding patient services and outcomes.
  • Offer patient education and provider training that will enhance healthcare service outcomes.

The objective of CHMS is to assist the community and/or employers in the ability to: enhance service quality and community healthcare collaboration, proactively identify and assist in addressing problem areas per patient service needs.

CHMS is committed to providing patient centered assessments. We offer a consistent quality of service and a precise method for each assessment used, resulting in the accuracy of information on each individual patient, their medical service, and outcomes.

Who benefits from CHMS Services?

  1. CHMS services the Community; Patients/Clients and Families that require health care services and assistance to navigate the convoluted health care system of today. 
  2. CHMS offers tailored one-on-one professional healthcare coordination services to Patients/Clients and Employees, services are provided by  Registered Nurses.
  3. CHMS services Individuals in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  4. CHMS also services private Companies and Organizations.