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Clinical Healthcare Management Services Testimonials

The testimonials below are what we've received from some of our clients and their families:

  • "We highly recommend Clinical Healthcare Management Services for the professional and caring manner in which they have served and given loving care to our dear sister living in a retirement apartment. The staff have provided medical coordination, such as reinstating her Health Insurance, Medication Support, along with arranging and taking her to all doctors appointments; as well as coordinating personal hygiene services, making sure she gets to her scheduled meals and events at her apartment. Last but not least, seeing that she's always safe!"
    Submitted by: George & Joanne Bromely
  • "My, name is Debra Evans Hayden. I am an attorney and I am the legal guardian for several people. I am also an elder law attorney. "Over the course of my 23 year career I have met and worked with many agencies to provide, health care services and care for my clients. I have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Clinical Health Management Services. The entire team at CHMS are honest, dependable, proactive and respectful to all of my clients. They provide services with a heart for my clients. Money cannot buy this quality. My clients are pleased and staying healthier thanks to the coordinated care provided by this company. They are the best kept secret in town. Their prices are affordable too."
    Submitted by: Debra Evans Hayden, Esq
  • "After 40 years of Nursing, I hadn't planned to "work" again, but.....I joined CHMS because I was intrigued by their innovative approach to patient advocacy. We truly help clients navigate through the ever-changing, confusing health care system, always keeping them at the center of the process - where I believe they should be always!"
    Submitted by: Sandy C. RN
  • "The best thing about Clinical Healthcare Management Services is that you never have to worry about the ball being dropped no matter what the circumstances are. The Nursing team monitors medications, pays attention to detail, and goes out of their way to be a professional friend to the client. Yet they are very firm when needed, in order to insure the highest quality of health and well-being. The staff at CHMS are very comforting for the client, where they feel safe in the absence of family members. If the person needs to go to the hospital, a nurse stays right there with them. The agency goal however, is to keep people out of the hospital. Whatever is needed will be done, this team doesn't let anything fall between the cracks. CHMS keeps tabs on all of the medical data. And most of all - there is no need for a nursing home. CHMS provides the best of all worlds."
    Submitted by: Shad Diamond, PhD
  • "As a provider, I have limited time to spend with patients.  I want to focus on their needs in order of importance, but often times I am bogged down with paperwork and other distractions.  When a patient has impairment of memory it makes the process even more difficult.  Often times miscommunication can lead to delays in care or the wrong care being provided.  Recently I had the pleasure of working with Clinical Healthcare Management Services.  They are patient advocates.  CHMS is thorough, organized and compassionate to their clients.  They cut to the chase and this helps me to take care of patients more completely.  In fact the time saved allows me to spend more time being social with my patients.  I wish more of my patients could have the good fortune of working with Clinical Healthcare Management Services. "
    Submitted by: Dr. Brian Karaszweski MD
    Invision Health
  • "Little can wait when responsible for the care of individuals in their homes, and for the past 2 years Clinical Healthcare Management Services has been remarkable in supplementing our nursing staff when need arises. Professionalism, quick response, and follow-through are hallmarks of this company‚Ķ"
    Submitted by: Sean Lewis
    Vice President Operations
    New Frontiers in TBI, Inc.